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How to Construct a Minnie Mouse Donut Tower

Minnie Mouse Donut Tower

Ready for a sweet challenge? Thanks to Disney, we can learn how to construct our own Minnie Mouse donut hole display. With a few styrofoam discs and a bunch of toothpicks, this sweet tower will make for a perfect way to enjoy a classic donut hole. Happy constructing (and snacking)! Minnie Donut Tower What You’ll Need: Bamboo skewers Styrofoam circles ...

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Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Friends Debut Brand New Outfits

Disney World Changes

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are a staple of Disney magic and have captured the hearts of millions worldwide. These iconic characters have become synonymous with the Disney brand and continue to be beloved by fans of all ages. Mickey, with his trademark red button pants and yellow shoes, and Minnie, in her polka-dot dress and bow, exemplify the essence ...

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Disney Fans Disturbed by Gender-Fluid Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

The Walt Disney Company has been known for experimenting with unique Disney merchandise over the years. Whether it be creative Mickey Ear headbands, unique attire, or adorable stuffed animals, Disney always has unique offerings. However, a Disney Park’s find has left even the most experimental fans slightly befuddled. Disney fans were left feeling confused after an image was shared showing ...

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Horrified Crowds Watch as ‘Minnie Mouse’ Removes Her Head to Smoke Cigarette

Minnie Mouse smoking

WARNING: The following article contains content and/or language that may not be suitable for younger readers. Viewer discretion is advised. Talk about ruining the magic! In a shocking and unexpected turn of events, a momentary breach of character integrity left the onlooking crowd in complete disbelief. Witnesses were left horrified as they observed a Minnie Mouse character performer discreetly stepping ...

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Disney Park to Be Rethemed to ‘Minnie Mouse’ Starting Early 2024

Disney Pal-Palooza

In an exciting turn of events, Minnie Mouse is getting a massive celebration in her honor. One Disney theme park will be getting a makeover of Minnie proportions thanks to a new event that will debut in 2024. Disney Pal-Palooza Announced for 2024 In an exciting announcement, Tokyo Disney Resort has unveiled its plans for an unforgettable series of events ...

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Disney Official Shares Public Apology Following “Sexual Harassment” Incident During Parade

Tokyo Disneyland Incident

Disney has clearly heard the concerns regarding a recent viral video. Right now, the Disney theme parks worldwide are in the middle of their holiday celebrations. As the holiday season approaches, each Disney Park transforms into a winter wonderland, captivating guests with dazzling decorations and cheerful ambiance. For many guests, each Park’s Christmas Parade is the perfect embodiment of this ...

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Minnie Mouse Jumps Into Action, Performs CPR at Park

disney cast members minnie mouse mickey mouse outfits alaska only gloves dress character costume disney parks

Minnie Mouse is not just a smiling face, she is now a “hero.” Guests can visit Disneyland Resort and experience the wonders and magic of Disney. Disneyland is home to two parks: Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. Each Disney park offers different attractions, parades, shows, meet and greets, and much more. Disneyland Park is home to iconic attractions ...

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The Side of Disney They Don’t Want You to See: Cast Members Go Wild Behind the Scenes

The Side of Disney They Don’t Want You to See: Cast Members Go Wild Behind the Scenes

Disney is a magical place designed to rip Guests from the problems and stresses of a less-than-magical world. One aspect that sets Disney apart from other Theme Parks is its ability to create incredibly immersive environments that place Guests right in the middle of their favorite stories. Many Guests to Disney World or Disneyland will tell you that once they ...

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Disney TikTok Ad Features Young Man Dressing as Minnie Mouse

Disney TikTok Ad Shows Young Man Dressing as Minnie Mouse

Disney has been catching a lot of heat from conservatives and those who feel strongly that the mega-sized entertainment company has been pushing agenda-based ideology onto children through Park and film experiences. This has led Disney into a nasty fight over politics, and many fans are jumping ship as the perception of Disney’s morals creates strained relationships with usually loyal ...

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You’ll Never Believe What This Horror Artist Did to Mickey Mouse…

Painting of Mickey Mouse, blurred out with Warning Sign

Are you ready to have your childhood ruined? A famous horror artist challenged himself with an experiment: How terrifying and gruesome could he make Disney characters featured in a Disney 100 coloring book? The result is bone-chilling. It’s also terrible but terribly good. RELATED: Winnie The Pooh Is Actually Being Made Into a Horror Movie The video posted on Youtube shows ...

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