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Disney Guests Demand Changes to Problematic Mickey Ears

Mickey ears cancelled

Of all the iconic pieces of Disney merchandise, one item stands above the rest: Mickey and Minnie Ears. A Mickey and Minnie headband is the ultimate Disney Park accessory. These adorable headbands are loved by Disney fans due to their style and the variety of options that are offered. Hundreds, if not thousands, of different kinds of Mickey’s ears exist. ...

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7 Signs You’re Being Disney Catfished

Homer Simpson talking about Harry Potter at Disney World

To “catfish” an individual is to set up a false persona (usually online) to deceive another individual. RELATED: Darth Stamos – The Dark Side of Uncle Jesse But what is a Disney Catfish? That’s when someone deceives an individual by pretending to be a Disney fan when they really aren’t. You know what we’re talking about. You know the people. They ...

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