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Top Experiences You Can’t Miss in the Magic Kingdom


The Walt Disney World Resort is an absolutely massive vacation destination with incredible experiences throughout every corner of the Disney Parks, Disney Springs, and Disney Resorts. With so many wonderful things to enjoy, the Magic Kingdom is always at the top of the list for Guests who are looking to experience classic and thrilling attractions, charming and well-themed areas, delicious ...

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Another Evacuation – It’s Time For Splash Mountain To Go

Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain was evacuated again last night. While that may not seem like news, it points to a pattern that does indeed raise an eyebrow or two. The ride has been experiencing more problems than usual lately. Recently Splash Mountain was evacuated as one of the ride’s log boats began to sink. Today’s evacuation wasn’t nearly that dramatic, but it ...

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Disney World to Bring Back Classic Magic Kingdom Ride

Walt Disney World Railroad

All aboard! In an era where the news is usually bad, we’ve got some really great news! While it’s no secret that the Walt Disney World Railroad was not closed permanently, many fans did start to wonder if it was going to become another attraction Disney quietly closed and never reopened. The fear was not completely baseless. Many attractions in ...

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Chaos at Magic Kingdom As Brawl Breaks Out In Fantasyland

Fight at Magic Kingdom

Today on “Guests Behaving Badly“, a fight broke out at Magic Kingdom this evening. It’s unknown at this time what the fight was about but we will update you as more information becomes available.   Fight might be an understatement, what went down looked to be an all out brawl, family feud style! In a now removed video on TikTok, all ...

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Have You Noticed These Details on Space Mountain?


There are plenty of popular and iconic attractions throughout the Walt Disney World Resort that Guests absolutely need to experience at least once on each visit to the Disney Parks. One of those beloved attractions is a futuristic adventure through the thrilling darkness of space that leaves Guests dreaming of the next time that they can blast off again. Space ...

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You Can Totally Do Without This Overrated Disney Accessory

Park bag Disney

A few years ago I went through an unexpected breakup. It was completely out of the blue, not something I saw coming at all. I really thought it was going to be forever. We were very happy together and then one day-poof!! Our love affair was over forever. After many happy years together, I officially said goodbye to the park ...

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Enjoy Thanksgiving Every Day at Liberty Tree Tavern

Patriot's Platter

Guests who enjoy a day in the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort can choose between several delicious ad uniquely themed table service restaurants, including a popular choice in the heart of Liberty Square. The Liberty Tree Tavern is open for lunch and dinner each day and welcomes Guests to enjoy a hearty meal inspired by an American ...

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Time Saving Tips for the Magic Kingdom Without Using Lightning Lane

main street u.s.a. disney world

No visit to the Walt Disney World Resort is complete without spending time in the Magic Kingdom, which opened as the vacation destination on October 1, 1971. For over fifty years the Park has been enchanting Guests with classic attractions like “it’s a small world” and Dumbo the Flying Elephant, thrilling experiences like Space Mountain and the Seven Dwarfs Mine ...

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Are You a Magic Kingdom Expert? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

Cinderella Castle

No visit to the Walt Disney World Resort is complete without spending tons of time in the Magic Kingdom, enjoying a variety of beloved attractions, experiences, dining, shopping, and more. With so much to see in the Park, Guests might think that they are experts on the Magic Kingdom, but there are plenty of great small details and trivia tidbits ...

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