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WILD ANIMAL Terrorizes Magic Kingdom; Three Lands ENTIRELY SHUT DOWN and BLOCKED OFF

ferocious bear, magic kingdom fantasyland in the background

Walt Disney World is known for four different theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT. But everyone, from those with a casual amount of Disney knowledge to hardcore fans, knows that Magic Kingdom is the most popular Disney World theme park both in terms of cultural impact and guest attendance. Every year, millions of guests visit Magic ...

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Things to Do at Disney When You’re Dead

man with illusion of a ghost

By now, many of us have heard stories of people who have tried (successfully or not) to have remains released at Walt Disney World Resort upon their passing. RELATED: Disney World Guests Covered in Ashes After Unlawful Incident One popular destination has been the Haunted Mansion. However, it seems just as likely individuals could be spreading the ashes of loved ones ...

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