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Disney to Resume Sale of Park Annual Passes

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It’s happening! Fans will be thrilled to know that after months of waiting, annual passes to one Disney Resort will once again resume sales. For those who have been patiently biding their time, anxiously anticipating the return of the Magic Key passes to Disneyland Resort, this news is nothing short of thrilling. The long wait is finally over, and the ...

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SHOCKING: Guests Receive Class Action Settlement Notice From Disney

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Usually, when fans see an email from Disney pop into their mailbox, it includes a promotion or a receipt. However, fans this morning received quite a shocking surprise when they saw a message notifying them of a class action settlement. Lawsuit Sees Resolution via Email If you are a Magic Key holder, you may have recently received significant and noteworthy ...

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Disney ENDS Passholder Promotion After 15 Days… One Fan Calls it “The Lamest Magic Key Promotion Ever”

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Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort are timeless destinations that have captured the hearts of millions around the world. For those truly enchanted by the magic these theme parks offer, becoming an annual Park Passholder is a dream come true. Being a Passholder means holding the key to unforgettable experiences, exciting adventures, and memories that last a lifetime. Disneyland ...

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PAYOUT Revealed: Disney’s Magic Key Lawsuit to Result in $9.7 Million Returning to the Pockets of Disney Fans

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This is a thrilling day for many Disney fans! Visiting Disney Parks can be so expensive that sometimes it feels as though they are robbing you. For over 100,000 fans, they will finally be getting a refund. When Disneyland Resort announced its Magic Key Program, fans were excited about this new version of an Annual Pass system. The program initially ...

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Disney’s Message Seems Clear: Annual Passholders NOT Welcome

Disney Annual Pass

Disney World Annual Passholders hoping to hear news of Annual Pass  sales coming back were disappointed on Wednesday after the company’s quarterly earnings call. While no such announcement was made, hints were dropped about the program’s future. During the call, The Walt Disney Company’s Parks and Entertainment division was the clear standout from the call. Disney World and Disneyland raked ...

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Is Disney Enchant Magic Key Worth It? Here’s My Experience

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I’ve been an Annual Passholder at Walt Disney World for years, and I’m very familiar with the ins and outs of the program, but the Disneyland Resort was always a totally different story. A few months ago, I started to plan a trip to Disneyland with my daughter, who is also my theme park buddy. We wanted to visit during ...

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More Magic Key Mayhem: Some guests can’t visit Disneyland at all

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Recently, Disneyland Resort in California rolled out its new Magic Key annual pass program. Last week presented the first opportunities for Guests to purchase one of four levels of Magic Keys–a process that was met with long waits in the virtual queue, issues with entering payment information, and overall frustration for some Guests. And now that the wait times are ...

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