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Disney Legend Trending on Social Media, Fans Fear the Worst

james earl jones death scare, mufasa dead

In the age of social media, a lot of news is spread faster than ever before. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t discrepancies that come with this new practice. Sometimes, learning news from social media can be like playing a big game of telephone. All it takes is one false source to create a world of rumors, doubt, and falsehoods. ...

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You’ll Never Believe What This Horror Artist Did to Mickey Mouse…

Painting of Mickey Mouse, blurred out with Warning Sign

Are you ready to have your childhood ruined? A famous horror artist challenged himself with an experiment: How terrifying and gruesome could he make Disney characters featured in a Disney 100 coloring book? The result is bone-chilling. It’s also terrible but terribly good. RELATED: Winnie The Pooh Is Actually Being Made Into a Horror Movie The video posted on Youtube shows ...

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