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Magic Kingdom’s Beloved Liberty Square Attraction Closing Soon

fantasyland cinderella castle

When it comes to Walt Disney World, everybody knows that the most classic attractions will be found in none other than Magic Kingdom. READ MORE: Liberty Square Market at Walt Disney World Space Mountain, Jungle Cruise – Magic Kingdom Has It All! Aptly named, Magic Kingdom is home to only the most classic and quintessential Disney rides. Attractions and experiences such ...

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Liberty Tree Tavern at Walt Disney World

Liberty tree tavern exterior

Consider it Thanksgiving every day at Liberty Tree Tavern, or at least you can eat like it is. From roasted turkey and pot roast to Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake, this restaurant offers comfort food in the middle of Magic Kingdom. Location Guests will find Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square. Near to The Diamond Horseshoe, Liberty Square Market, ...

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The Diamond Horseshoe at Walt Disney World

The Diamond Horseshoe Sign

This Old Western musical saloon in Liberty Square welcomes Guests to dine on all eats, savory to sweet. Location The Diamond Horseshoe is found in Liberty Square of Magic Kingdom Park. Guests will find this dining location next to Liberty Tree Tavern and nearby Quick Service locations, Sleepy Hollow, Liberty Square Market, and Columbia Harbour House. Quick Service or Table ...

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Sleepy Hollow at Walt Disney World

Sleepy Hollow exterior

Waffles, funnel cakes, corn dogs, and everything in between! Sleepy Hollow serves up some of the most unique snacks and meals in all of Magic Kingdom Park. Location Guests will find Sleepy Hollow at the entrance to Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom, across from Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe. Guests will also find the Haunted Mansion, Hall of Presidents, and Columbia ...

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Columbia Harbour House at Walt Disney World

Columbia Harbour House interior

Columbia Harbour House is a Quick Service restaurant located in the Magic Kingdom Park, known for its fresh seafood and New England-inspired cuisine. This popular restaurant has been a staple in Walt Disney World since it opened in 1972 and is a must-visit for any Disney food enthusiast. Location Columbia Harbour House is located in Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square, right ...

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Liberty Square Market at Walt Disney World

Liberty Square Market

A lesser-known Quick Service gem of the Magic Kingdom is Liberty Square Market. Nestled between Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe and the Liberty Bell, it’s a good choice for Guests wishing to immerse themselves in the history and heritage of colonial America found in Liberty Square. Location Liberty Square Market is located next to the Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square ...

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Enjoy Thanksgiving Every Day at Liberty Tree Tavern

Patriot's Platter

Guests who enjoy a day in the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort can choose between several delicious ad uniquely themed table service restaurants, including a popular choice in the heart of Liberty Square. The Liberty Tree Tavern is open for lunch and dinner each day and welcomes Guests to enjoy a hearty meal inspired by an American ...

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Enjoy A Patriotic Day at Walt Disney World

Exterior of The Hall of Presidents

Walt Disney was a very patriotic man who had deep admiration and pride for his country. This sense of patriotism extended into the plans for Disneyland and eventually the Walt Disney World Resort, with Americana found in the architecture and theming of several attractions and experiences that celebrate the United States. Since the country has such a long and rich ...

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