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Children’s Show ‘Bluey’ Features LGBTQ+ Couple for the First Time

Bluey rainbow

Iconic children’s show Bluey has recently made history by introducing its first LGBTQ+ characters. This significant step forward showcases the Ludo Studio show’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity, resonating positively with a wide range of viewers. Many believe the inclusion of LGBTQ+ characters in children’s programming is crucial for reflecting the diverse world we live in and teaching young audiences ...

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Disney Announces Return of Controversial LGBTQ+ Event

Disney Pride Nite

Disneyland Resort’s highly anticipated Pride Nite event is set to dazzle attendees on June 18, marking a vibrant celebration of diversity and inclusivity within the magical realm of Disney. This momentous occasion promises a kaleidoscope of activities and entertainment that amplify the spirit of Pride in the enchanting setting of the park. Amidst the enchanting backdrop of Disneyland Park, guests ...

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LGBTQ+ News Source Accuses Disney Show of Upholding Florida’s Homophobic Ideology

Disney pride jollywood

Disney certainly did not escape controversy this holiday season. This year, the politics of Disney and the state of Florida’s Gov Ron DeSantis have been on display like never before. Both parties have publicly expressed opinions and disagreed on numerous social and political topics. One such topic is the discussion of the LGBTQ+ community and their presence in family environments ...

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Disney TikTok Ad Features Young Man Dressing as Minnie Mouse

Disney TikTok Ad Shows Young Man Dressing as Minnie Mouse

Disney has been catching a lot of heat from conservatives and those who feel strongly that the mega-sized entertainment company has been pushing agenda-based ideology onto children through Park and film experiences. This has led Disney into a nasty fight over politics, and many fans are jumping ship as the perception of Disney’s morals creates strained relationships with usually loyal ...

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