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Magical Moment Captured on Camera In Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

Disney's Kilimanjaro Safaris

It doesn’t matter which theme park you’re visiting, if you’re at Walt Disney World, you’re experiencing the Most Magical Place on Earth! No doubt about it, Walt Disney World Resort is definitely deserving of this self-given title. There’s often a wide debate for which Disney Park holds the most Disney magic, but that depends entirely on one’s personal definition. READ ...

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Animal Kingdom Isn’t a “Half-Day” Park, and We’ve Got Indisputable Proof!

animal kingdom, "proof", simba shocked

When Animal Kingdom first opened in 1998, it was, by all definitions, an unfinished theme park. You may have noticed that the theme park’s iconography and graphic design usually includes dinosaurs, dragons, and the exotic animals alive today, such as lions and elephants. READ MORE: Most Underrated Disney’s Animal Kingdom Restaurant? You Decide! This is because Animal Kingdom’s original premise was ...

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Top Experiences You Can’t Miss in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Tree of Life

No visit to the Walt Disney World Resort is complete without enjoying plenty of time at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This breathtaking Disney Park opened on April 22, 1998, and welcomes Guests to celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature while sharing the extremely important message of conservation. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is bursting with amazing experiences that include everything from family-friendly ...

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From the Bottom to the Top: Ranking the Attractions in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Tree of Life

No visit to the Walt Disney World Resort is complete without enjoying time at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the newest of the property’s Disney Parks that opened in April 1998. The Disney Park celebrates the beauty and diversity of nature and offers Guests the opportunity to learn about conservation in entertaining ways through attractions, entertainment, dining, and more. With so much ...

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Top Attractions That Can’t Be Missed in Walt Disney World


One of the main things that Guests love to do while at the Walt Disney World Resort is enjoy the many different attractions that can be found in each Disney Park that offer up everything from big thrills to family-friendly fun. With so many options to choose from, each featuring its own unique storyline and theming, Guests might find themselves ...

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The Best Attraction Vehicles in Walt Disney World

Front View

Every single attraction at the Walt Disney World Resort features an incredible, immersive theme designed by the Disney Imagineers that surrounds Guests with stunning detail to make them feel like part of the experience. These details include everything from the music to the décor and even the vehicles themselves that move Guests throughout each experience. While every single attraction vehicle ...

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What I Would Do Locked in Animal Kingdom Overnight

If you’ve been following along with my series of things that I would do locked in Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT overnight, this next article will come as no surprise. I think that Animal Kingdom has made a comeback over the last few years. It’s no longer just a “half-day” Park. In my opinion, there are so many hidden ...

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The Best Attractions for Babies in Walt Disney World

Up close of doll It's A Small World

Any vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort is packed with magical moments, but a vacation takes an entirely new turn when traveling with an infant or baby. There are schedules to be considered, planning ahead for meals and bottles, frequent diaper change stops, and much more that can make it seem a little overwhelming. Obviously, the Walt Disney World ...

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Guests watch in horror as man leaps from truck at Kilimanjaro Safaris near dangerous group of rhinos: “even game wardens don’t get out of their trucks near the rhinos”

A Guest who was onboard a ride vehicle at the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom leapt from the vehicle just after passing by a crash (that means group) of rhinos as other Guests watched in fear, according to a post in the Disney World Junkies Facebook group. Guest Keri Hill took to Facebook to share her experience of ...

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