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“Hurricane FOMO” Is a Real Thing… And You Might Have It

Hurricane Idalia wdw storm

Disney fans, we may have lost our minds.  If there is one thing that really de-rails a magical day at Disney Parks, it’s long wait times for rides and attractions. When you are spending hundreds to thousands on a Disney vacation, any waste of time feels like a waste of hard-earned money. Unfortunately, long lines are just a part of ...

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Walt Disney World is Under Tornado Watch

Disneyland Closing Early Due to Hurricane Hilary

Central Florida will avoid taking the brunt of Hurricane Idalia. The storm is moving northeast from Florida’s Big Bend. However that doesn’t mean Orlando is in the clear. The storm’s path is only part of the story. When you look at the cone on hurricane maps what you’re seeing is the path that the center of the storm will take. ...

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Hurricane Idalia Expected to Become Category 4

Hurricane Idalia

Hurricane Idalia is preparing to batter Florida’s western Gulf Coast later this morning. The storm was projected to intensify Monday but remained relatively mild. On Tuesday, Idalia intensified as it made its way passed Cuba and back out to sea en route to Florida. The storm continues to gain strength and experts now suggest Hurricane Idalia will strengthen to a ...

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Disney Park CLOSED Due to Hurricane Idalia

Typhoon Lagoon closed

As Hurricane Idalia batters Florida, Disney Parks remain on alert. The storm, which is expected to hammer Florida’s Gulf Coast as a category 3 hurricane on Wednesday (August 30, 2023) has been gaining strength and will quickly make its way across Florida.  The storm will bring high winds, heavy rain, and dangerous lighting to Central Florida. As a result, one ...

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Walt Disney World Issues Update as Hurricane Idalia Approaches

Hurricane Idalia fort wilderness

Hurricane Idalia is preparing to batter the Gulf Coast of Florida as a major Category 3 storm. The storm will move across the state quickly, impacting Central Florida before hammering the state’s East Coast. As the storm nears, many are wondering what this may mean for their Walt Disney World Resort vacation. Disney officials are keeping a watchful eye on ...

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Walt Disney World Refusing to Take Guests’ Money as Hurricane Idalia Swiftly Approaches

magic kingdom hurricane

It’s no secret that Hurricane Idalia (previously Tropical Storm Idalia) is currently making its way toward the Sunshine State as it travels up the Gulf Coast. With something as severe as a hurricane traveling toward Central Florida, you may be considering canceling your upcoming plans for visiting Walt Disney World. The good news is that Disney’s hurricane policy makes it ...

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DeSantis to Florida: “Brace for Impact and Serious Damage” as Idalia draws Near

Hurricane Idalia

Tropical Storm Idalia is projected to be the first major storm to make landfall in Florida this hurricane season. The storm us currently projected to be stronger than initially expected.  By the time it makes landfall, Tropical Storm Idalia is expected to be a major hurricane.  Current projections have the storm hitting Cuba as a Catagory 3 hurricane later today. ...

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