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Guests Under Fire for Putting Children In Height-Boosting Shoes To Evade Disney Park Rules

Colorful amusement park entrance for Pixar Pier, featuring a large circular sign with the lettering "Pixar Pier" at the center of a roller coaster structure. Palm trees and lights adorn the area below, with a sign reading "Midway Mania!" in the foreground—perfect for any Disney Adult seeking nostalgia.

In recent times, there has been a growing concern at Disney parks regarding guests attempting to bypass height requirements for certain attractions by resorting to unconventional methods. One such concerning trend that has caught the attention of park officials is the practice of some parents outfitting their children with height-boosting shoes in a bid to make them appear taller than ...

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Disney Reveals Young Children Will be Prohibited From Riding Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Children banned

Disney takes the safety of its young visitors very seriously and therefore, implements height requirements for select rides. These requirements are in place to ensure that children can fully enjoy their experience without any potential hazards. In line with this commitment to safety, the highly anticipated upcoming ride will have a specific height requirement of 40 inches. While these height ...

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