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Lucas SLAMS Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ Run

disney star wars criticism

Editor of the original Star Wars films, George Lucas’s ex-wife, Marcia Lucas, has made her opinion on Disney’s Star Wars films abundantly clear. Any new Star Wars movie (and the general frustration surrounding how Disney changed it) is a hot topic for fans to debate. For years, Star Wars fans have expressed their disappointment with the series’ progress. After the Walt Disney Company bought Lucasfilm ...

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Fans Argue Whether George Lucas Was Actually Caught Photobombing at Magic Kingdom

George Lucas Caught in Guest Photo

Walt Disney World has been the ultimate destination for family vacations since its opening in 1971. Over the years, Walt Disney’s initial inspiration for the parks has continued to inspire while operations have grown substantially. Magic Kingdom Park first opened to guests in October 1971, welcoming Disney fans to Orlando. Since then, the Orlando parks have grown to include EPCOT, ...

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Fans Call Shocking Star Wars Detail “Gross” and “Shady”

Fans Call Shocking Star Wars Detail "Gross" and "Shady"

Star Wars is a vast universe filled with fascinating creatures, well-thought-out landscapes, and more stories than could ever be told. Since the 1977 debut of George Lucas’s Star Wars: A New Hope, the franchise has morphed into a colossal empire whose fans are loyal, knowledgeable, and insatiable. Star Wars fanatics (and we don’t use that word lightly here) fill their ...

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Harrison Ford Says He’s Done Playing Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford Say's He's Done Playing Indiana Jones

As we prepare for the release of the fifth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise, many of us are wondering what happens next before even seeing the film. It’s no secret that Harrison Ford isn’t as young as he used to be. The 81-year-old actor has delighted fans with his sharp quips and classic action sequences since the 60s. But Ford got ...

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Highly Anticipated Mini Series “Light and Magic” Makes Its Disney+ Debut

Light and Magic

Film buffs,  special effects fans, and Star Wars fans have something to be excited about! Disney’s much anticipated “Light and Magic” miniseries, which chronicles the special effects company founded by George Lucas, is now available on Disney+!  Lucas founded Industrial Light and Magic to produce some of the groundbreaking effects that first stunned audiences when Star Wars: Episode IV- A ...

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