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Bus Containing Middle School Class Engulfed in Flames After Trip to SeaWorld

SeaWorld fire

You may have heard reports of a SeaWorld fire, but the real story is much worse… WARNING: The following article mentions and/or discusses topics that may be distressing for certain audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. SeaWorld stands as a premier destination, offering valuable educational opportunities for students of all ages. The park provides an immersive learning experience where students can ...

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FIRE at the Grand Californian: Guests Evacuated in the Dead of Night

Disney Grand Californian Fire

A truly shocking series of events took place at Disneyland Resort yesterday. When visiting Disneyland in Anaheim, California, Guests have tons of incredible options when it comes to on-property accommodations. Disney is known for having numerous state-of-the-art Resort accommodations to suit every Guests individual preferences and budgets. One of the most famous and historic hotels on Disneyland Resort property is ...

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A ‘politically correct’ Disney Park: Notre Dame Cathedral reconstruction plans met with controversy over new Disney-like additions

To the horror of those who watched in person, online, and over television news broadcasts around the world on April 15, 2019. the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, became engulfed in flames. The blaze roared for more than nine hours before being completely extinguished. In the end, 850-year-old structure had suffered extensive damage to its exterior. The cathedral’s spire ...

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