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Disney No Longer Shiny and Bright: Company’s Failures Could Ruin Favorites

Bob Iger, with a serious expression, wearing a light blue shirt against a dark background with a blue geometric light pattern.

Disney’s recent missteps in filmmaking have fans protective of their favorite actors who might star in future movies. For decades, audiences have looked up to and considered The Walt Disney Company the beacon of entertainment. Walt Disney, the founder of the present-day entertainment behemoth, made history because he dared to dream and aim for previously unheard-of heights with cinema techniques and ...

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Marvel to Reportedly Cast Emmy-Winner Julia Garner as a Version Popular Male Villain

julia garner silver surfer marvel fantastic four

Marvel has seen struggle after struggle at the box office of late. Creative decisions, which include twerking Hulks, introducing what some consider to be underwhelming new heroes, and more, have led the famed Marvel Cinematic Universe down a winding path of indecision. However, if reports are accurate, it seems that the latest choice from Marvel, Julia Garner’s emergence as a ...

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Pedro Pascal in Talks to Play Iconic Disney Role

Pedro Pascal rumored roles

This news could break the internet! In the world of pop culture, this year has been a remarkable one for actor Pedro Pascal. Riding off of the success of his hit shows, The Last of Us and The Mandalorian, many fans have been eager to see what Pascal’s next big movie or show will be. Now, new reports have revealed ...

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