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What’s Up With the Disney Trump Animatronic Conspiracy?

disney trump animatronic

The conspiracy theory surrounding Walt Disney World’s Trump animatronic has resurfaced online, so we decided to do a little deep dive into its origin. Numerous conspiracy theories and rumors have circulated online over the years. From Cinderella Castle catching fire and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sending the National Guard to block entrances to Disney World, some strange stories have found ...

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Pro-Trump Merchandise Proudly Displayed for Guests of Universal Theme Park

Universal Hollywood

Do theme parks and politics mix? Wearing political clothing at both Disney and Universal theme parks is generally frowned upon by the public at large. While visitors may express their political affiliations in various settings, theme parks are typically considered neutral grounds for entertainment and enjoyment, encouraging guests to set aside potentially divisive topics during their visit. Are the Parks ...

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