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Disney World Changes Iconic Attraction, Fans Quickly Notice

pandora mountains at disney's animal kingdom

In a surprising move that left Disney enthusiasts both puzzled and nostalgic, Disney recently made the decision to remove a beloved animatronic character from one of its most popular attractions. Disney World is known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” bringing thousands of guests daily into the parks. Walt Disney World is home to four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, ...

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Entire Land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Is Closing: Here’s What to Know

Disney's Animal Kingdom is being changed within Dinoland U.S.A.

Say it ain’t so! The news first hit in September 2023 that Dinoland, U.S.A., at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, was endangered, going extinct to make way for a brand new expansion of tropical-themed experiences. Related: Guests Will Say Goodbye to an Original Classic Attraction at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Changes Ahead for DinoLand The Walt Disney World Resort theme park will be ...

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Entire Disney World Theme Park Facing Rebrand

animal kingdom barbie walt disney world animal barbie doll magical world greta gerwig barbie movie tree of life animal expert

A decision to rebrand Disney World, particularly an entire theme park, reflects the company’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve, catering to evolving audience preferences, and fostering an environment of continual renewal. Reimagining this iconic destination involves a comprehensive overhaul beyond cosmetic changes, delving into the heart of what makes Disney World an unparalleled experience. Walt Disney World Resort ...

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200 Custom Pumpkins Delivered Throughout Disney Parks

Animal Kingdom's giant Galapagos tortoises eating pumpkin

The Disney Parks have been in the spooky spirit since September, and now even the animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are getting festive. This week, Cast Members delivered 200 carved pumpkins to animals throughout Disney Parks to celebrate National Pumpkin Day! Thursday, October 26, 2023, was National Pumpkin Day, and to celebrate, the “chefs” at Walt Disney World Resort’s Animal ...

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Disney World Attraction to Close Permanently, Falling Apart

Tree of Life Awakenings

Disney World is full of magic, wonder, and moments that will last for a lifetime. Disney World is a popular tourist location, seeing thousands of guests daily. With this amount of traffic, attractions, shows, and more, locations tend to need repair over time. Walt Disney World Resort is known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” Walt Disney World Resort ...

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Check Out Disney’s Newest Secret Lounge!

Restaurantosaurus Secret Lounge

Shh… we are about to let you in on the newest secret of the Walt Disney World Resort! A new lounge has just opened in the Disney Parks for Guests to enjoy, and we want to let you in on all the details. The Walt Disney World Resort is full of delicious eats and signature dining experiences for you to ...

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Top Three BEST Quick Service Spots in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

walt disney world tree of life animal kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is full of wild adventures, from exploring the wildlife of Pandora to trekking the jungle. As you adventure through the Park, you can travel across Asia, Africa, DinoLand U.S.A., Avatar’s World of Pandora, and Discovery Island. During your travels, the Park has excellent dining options to keep you energized as you explore. From steamed cheeseburger bao buns ...

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Animal Kingdom Isn’t a “Half-Day” Park, and We’ve Got Indisputable Proof!

animal kingdom, "proof", simba shocked

When Animal Kingdom first opened in 1998, it was, by all definitions, an unfinished theme park. You may have noticed that the theme park’s iconography and graphic design usually includes dinosaurs, dragons, and the exotic animals alive today, such as lions and elephants. READ MORE: Most Underrated Disney’s Animal Kingdom Restaurant? You Decide! This is because Animal Kingdom’s original premise was ...

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Guests Agree: Insanely Popular Ride is Overrated

Flight of Passage

Disney World is home to some spectacular rides. From classics to new editions there’s much to love. However, you’ll always have someone that thinks your favorite is terrible, trust me I should know, my favorites are Mission Space and “it’s a small world!” Recently a group of people on Reddit came together and agreed that Flight of Passage is grossly ...

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Here’s the Scoop on the Best Ice Cream at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World ice cream

Here at Disney Dining, we love our ice cream! We aren’t picky on flavor: from chocolate to vanilla, and even rootbeer-flavored ice cream and everything in between. We love it all! We have discovered one thing, though, on our quest to discover the best ice cream at Walt Disney World- not all ice cream is created equal. Today, we’re rounding ...

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