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Disney Keeps Animal Kingdom 10° Hotter Than Its Other Parks

A man hot in front of Disney's Animal Kingdom Tree of Life

Listen, anyone who’s been to Disney World knows that it’s freaking HOT in Orlando, Florida. Even in the winter, it’s still pretty warm by most of the country’s standards. That sunny weather is why Walt Disney knew it would make such an excellent location for a theme park. But am I crazy, or is Disney’s Animal Kingdom always WAY hotter ...

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Baby Delivered at Walt Disney World Resort Theme Park

animal kingdom tree of life joe rohde

Baby animals hold a special place in the hearts of guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort, where new life springs forth regularly. The joy of witnessing these adorable infants is a testament to the resort’s commitment to wildlife conservation and responsible breeding practices. From playful baby elephants to curious baby gorillas, each newcomer captivates visitors ...

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Disney Roller Coaster Riders PANIC as Track Segment Vanishes Mid-Ride

Expedition Everest with crowd in front

Roller coasters, like Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, are one of our favorite ways to chase an adrenaline rush. The speed, the thrill of free falling, the fast and unpredictable turns – they’re just FUN! However, have you ever been on a coaster and had a momentary freakout, wondering, “What if something ...

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UPDATE: DINOSAUR’s Potential Replacement at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

DINOSAUR attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios with an X through it

Change is on the way for Walt Disney World’s fourth theme park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom. With news of an entire land replacement, fans are left to speculate the potential replacement for the iconic attraction, DINOSAUR, located in DinoLand, U.S.A. A brand-new Indiana Jones-themed attraction could be the new anchor attraction to replace DINOSAUR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, as Disney’s Parks President ...

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Where To Find the BEST Churros on Disney World Property

November Premier

Churros — A classic Disney snack.  In case you aren’t familiar, churros are fried pastry dough covered in delicious cinnamon sugar and are traditional in Spain and Portugal, where the snack was originated. But the Disney Parks are known for offering their iconic churros as well. From the classic cinnamon sugar churro to the churro ice cream sandwich to even ...

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Most Popular Ride at Disney World May Soon Shut Down

four parks at disney world

A major construction permit filed for the most popular ride in Walt Disney World Resort has raised questions about the potential temporary closure of the beloved attraction. The permit, aimed at providing “labor, material, and/or electrical for construction,” hints at potential enhancements or updates within the show building where the iconic ride, Avatar Flight of Passage, is staged at Disney’s ...

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Disney World Attraction Unexpectedly Goes Down, Closed Indefinitely

animal kingdom barbie walt disney world animal barbie doll magical world greta gerwig barbie movie tree of life animal expert

Refurbishments at Walt Disney World are common and play a vital role in maintaining the quality and safety of the theme park’s attractions and facilities. These refurbishments are essential to ensure that rides, shows, and other experiences are in excellent working condition and implement necessary updates and improvements. However, they can significantly impact the experience of guests visiting the park. ...

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Disney World Changes Iconic Attraction, Fans Quickly Notice

pandora mountains at disney's animal kingdom

In a surprising move that left Disney enthusiasts both puzzled and nostalgic, Disney recently made the decision to remove a beloved animatronic character from one of its most popular attractions. Disney World is known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” bringing thousands of guests daily into the parks. Walt Disney World is home to four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, ...

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Entire Land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Is Closing: Here’s What to Know

Disney's Animal Kingdom is being changed within Dinoland U.S.A.

Say it ain’t so! The news first hit in September 2023 that Dinoland, U.S.A., at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, was endangered, going extinct to make way for a brand new expansion of tropical-themed experiences. Related: Guests Will Say Goodbye to an Original Classic Attraction at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Changes Ahead for DinoLand The Walt Disney World Resort theme park will be ...

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Entire Disney World Theme Park Facing Rebrand

animal kingdom barbie walt disney world animal barbie doll magical world greta gerwig barbie movie tree of life animal expert

A decision to rebrand Disney World, particularly an entire theme park, reflects the company’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve, catering to evolving audience preferences, and fostering an environment of continual renewal. Reimagining this iconic destination involves a comprehensive overhaul beyond cosmetic changes, delving into the heart of what makes Disney World an unparalleled experience. Walt Disney World Resort ...

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