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Disney’s New Orleans Square is No More

New Orleans Square pirates of the caribbean ride

Both Disney World and Disneyland have Tiana-mania. The American Disney Princess is making headlines left and right with new experiences at Disney Parks. One park, in particular, is experiencing a complete Tiana invasion! Disneyland, which is the perfect park for Tiana, is expected to host not one but three Tiana-themed experiences in or near New Orleans Square!  Speaking of New ...

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Walt Would Be Proud of Disney’s Newest Popcorn Bucket

Disneyland Railroad popcorn bucket

Disneyland ParkAll aboard! Disney has a new popcorn bucket that would make Walt proud. Walt Disney was known for his love of trains. He loved them so much that he even had a miniature gauge railroad, the Carolwood Express, installed in his backyard! So, when Disneyland was being built, naturally, one of the first rides Walt wanted in his theme ...

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Disney’s Message Seems Clear: Annual Passholders NOT Welcome

Disney Annual Pass

Disney World Annual Passholders hoping to hear news of Annual Pass  sales coming back were disappointed on Wednesday after the company’s quarterly earnings call. While no such announcement was made, hints were dropped about the program’s future. During the call, The Walt Disney Company’s Parks and Entertainment division was the clear standout from the call. Disney World and Disneyland raked ...

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REOPENED! Another Classic Attraction Comes Back From the Pandemic Closure

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

There’s nothing that brings this writer more joy than writing about good news! There’s just too much bad news in the world, isn’t there?  I’m excited to share something good today. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage reopened on Monday, July 25,  making it one of the final attractions at Disneyland to come back from pandemic closure!  Being one step closer to ...

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Disneyland’s Instagram Account Hacked

Disneyland Instagram account hacked

In the early hours of the morning, Disneyland’s official Instagram account was hacked and several offensive posts were made before being hastily removed. The first post was made around 3:50 am when the hacker posted a photo of himself. The self-proclaimed “super hacker” who went by the name “David Do” and stated that he was out for revenge against Disneyland. ...

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