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ANOTHER Earthquake Rocks Disneyland Resort

pixar fest nighttime show disneyland sleeping beauty castle

If you live in California, then odds are you have constantly heard talk about “the big one.” And you know what that means. If you do not live in California, then you may not know what that means. It means an incredibly large earthquake. The last big earthquake to hit the state was the Northridge quake, which happened in 1994. ...

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Earthquake Rocks Disney Park: Nearly All Attractions Closed After Natural Disaster

Disneyland Closed

Yesterday, a series of seismic activities have been causing concern outside the premises of the iconic Disneyland Resort. These earthquakes have prompted the vigilant management at Disneyland Resort to take swift action in order to ensure the safety and well-being of its valued park visitors. As a precautionary measure, a temporary closure of several attractions and rides was implemented for ...

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Earthquake Rattles Disney Resort: How the Parks Respond to Natural Disasters

Disneyland at night

Disneyland Resort is not a place unfamiliar with the potential for a natural disaster. Being located in Southern California, an area known for its seismic activity, it is not uncommon for the region to experience earthquake events. Disneyland Resort, which encompasses Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, is situated in Anaheim, Orange County, which is located within close proximity ...

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