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Disney Funeral Services: How Guests Can Say Goodbye at Disney

Disney funeral

Every year, millions of fans travel to Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort to experience the magic and joy that Disney parks provide. These parks hold extreme sentimental value to fans as they often remind people of the joy and innocence of their childhood. For this reason, many fans choose to celebrate important life landmarks at Disney. From proposals ...

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After Being Banned From Disney, Rebel Wilson Reveals She Will NOT Have a Disney Wedding

disney illuminati members celebrities chris rock rebel wilson secret society conspiracy theorists elite

Last Valentine’s Day, Rebel Wilson made headlines with her enchanting Disneyland proposal, showcasing a fairytale moment that fans couldn’t help but swoon over. While visiting the iconic theme park, Rebel Wilson, an actress and Pitch Perfect star, got down on one knee in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. The proposal was nothing short of magical, with the backdrop of the ...

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Disney Releases NEW Line of Villain-Inspired Wedding Dresses

Disney Villains Wedding Dress with Maleficent Dragon

Disney Fairytale Weddings have long captured the hearts of couples who dream of a magical and enchanting wedding day. One of the most popular aspects of these weddings is the iconic collection of Disney Princess-inspired wedding dresses. However, in a bold departure from tradition, Disney has taken a unique approach to their new collection, drawing inspiration from the captivating world ...

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Cinderella’s New Carriage to Roll Into Disney Park This Spring

Cinderella Carriage

This incredible new addition has been on many Disney fan’s minds since it was announced last year. Now, a new update has made it all feel more real than ever! A Fairytale Wedding Every year, countless couples from all corners of the world flock to Disneyland Resort to fulfill their dream of a Disney wedding. From the elegant beauty of ...

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Disney Weddings Are About to Become Even More Magical

magic kingdom wedding

Nothing is more magical than a Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort wedding. RELATED: ‘Serial Bride’ Is ADDICTED to Disney Weddings; Couple Has Had FOUR Already and Is Planing TWO More! Princess Week Surprise As such (and in honor of Princess Week), Disney is debuting a new Wedding Coach. Inspired by the movie Cinderella (1950), the carriage will arrive at ...

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Disney Weddings Are More Affordable Than We Thought

Disney wedding

Picture it, all of your friends and family gathered together, and the music starts to play when Cinderella’s coach suddenly appears and out steps…you. Is that not the stuff dreams are made of? Disney Fairytale Weddings & Honeymoons can turn that dream into a reality!  When Disney fans start thinking of their wedding, a Disney wedding is one of the ...

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Top 10 Things You Might Not Know About Walt Disney World Weddings

Love is big business at Walt Disney World. It is the top honeymoon destination on the planet. That is not surprising, since Disney is filled with elegant castles, beautiful princesses, and their dashing princes. The fairy tale does not need to begin with the honeymoon, couples get married at Walt Disney World every single day. You can plan a wedding ...

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