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Disney Issues Urgent Warning to Theme Park Struck by Flash Floods

Disneyland Paris

It was quite an Easter Sunday yesterday at Disneyland Paris Resort. Yesterday at Disneyland Paris Resort, a sudden and intense flash flood descended upon the area. This unexpected weather event has led to the temporary closure of several outdoor attractions and activities throughout the resort. The inclement weather serves as a reminder of the variability in Disneyland Paris weather, where ...

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Thousands of Walt Disney World Vacations Delayed and Cancelled Without Warning

empty magic kingdom

During the peak season of spring break, travelers passing through Orlando International Airport (MCO) have been experiencing significant disruptions in their travel plans, with a surge in delays and cancellations affecting a multitude of flights to and from the Sunshine State. This sudden increase in travel-related setbacks has put a strain on the usual smooth flow of operations at the ...

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Another “Black Ring Portal” Seen in the Skies Above Disney Park

disneyland castle storm

At the Disney Resorts, anything can happen. Disney is a place where magic can appear before your very eyes when you least expect it. While people are constantly expecting magic to happen at Disney, there are some elements that still seem out of the ordinary.  Now, another mysterious and captivating spectacle has graced the skies above the iconic Disneyland in ...

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Storm System Headed for Walt Disney World: Disney Shuts Down Park and Cancels Event in Preparation

storm castle

It’s gonna be a less-than-magical evening in Orlando, Florida. Walt Disney World Resort, one of the most enchanting destinations on Earth, offers visitors the perfect getaway with its warm and sunny weather that graces the resort all year round. Whether you’re planning a magical vacation in the heart of summer or escaping the winter blues, you can usually count on ...

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Walt Disney World to Experience Week of Thunderstorms as Category 5 Hurricane Looms Overhead

magic kingdom in the rain free disney world

We recently reported on Tropical Storm Lee, which was shaping up to become an incredibly dangerous hurricane, according to the experts. Now that it has progressed, Hurricane Lee is barrelling its way through the Atlantic, leading lots of Disney fans to wonder: Is Walt Disney World in danger? Is Hurricane Lee a Threat to Walt Disney World? READ MORE: “EXTREMELY DANGEROUS ...

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Walt Disney World Officially Under Tropical Storm Watch, Potential Hurricane Imminent

magic kingdom in the rain free disney world

It’s that time of year again, when the hurricane season really begins ramping up. READ MORE: Tourists BEWARE! Official Hurricane Watch Issued for the Coast of Florida Walt Disney World’s location in Central Florida is, for the most part, one of the best things about the theme park. But during hurricane season, it’s one of the major drawbacks. This year is ...

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Emergency Management Team Preparing as Tropical Storm Approaches Sunshine State

sunset and rain epcot world celebration gardens

Walt Disney World’s location is one of the perfect places for a vacation resort, especially one as big as the Most Magical Place on Earth. Unlike vacation destinations in the north, Walt Disney World Resort operations continue throughout the entire year, staying open through the winter months. Walt Disney World Has Size On Its Side READ MORE: Multiple Storms Begin Forming ...

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Multiple Storms Begin Forming as Hurricane Season Ramps Up – Will It Affect Your Disney Vacation?

animal kingdom lion relaxing in the rain divine

Take it from us, planning a vacation at Walt Disney World Resort isn’t just hard work, nowadays, it’s a real Herculean task! READ MORE: Disney Weather “Extremely Intense This Year,” Guests Advised to Visit During Cooler Months Instead Walt Disney World Resort Is No Picnic! After all, first, you’ve gotta research the parks and pick out which ones to visit. Then ...

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