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Disney Store Returns to Fans Across North America After a Nearly Seven-Year Hiatus

disney store glendale california

The Disney Store has finally returned to Disney fans across North America following a nearly seven-year hiatus. Iger’s Era: No More Disney Store  For North American Disney fans who love everything about Disney, Disney stories, Disney films, characters, colors, merchandise, and the like, September 15, 2021, became a dreaded date. By mid-September 2021, most Disney Stores across the continent were ...

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Disney Store May Return Sooner Than Anyone Thought Possible

mickey and minnie standing in front of the disney store

The very first Disney Store opened in California in 1987, creating an entirely new experience for fans. Unlike any other toy store on the market, the Disney Store was unique because each location brought a little piece of the Disney Parks to fans who were cities, states, and even countries away from Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. What ...

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Girl Denied Entrance to Disney Store Receives Gift

Alexis LaGrega

Last year, 9 year old Alexis LaGrega from New York was refused entry into a Staten Island Disney Store. This year, she received a gift she never expected! In 2021 Alexis and her mother wanted to go shopping in a local Disney Store when employees denied them entrance. The girl was wearing a neck gaiter which employees informed the pair ...

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