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Does Disney Have a Squatter Problem? DeSantis Issues Bill to Prevent Practice

Disneyland Resort entrance

Recently, many stories about illegal squatters have gone viral on social media. According to the Oxford Dictionary, squatter refers to “a person who unlawfully occupies an uninhabited building or unused land.”  Now, a viral video has made some shocking claims that Disneyland Resort, located in Anaheim, California, has squatters of its own. This news story coincides with Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision to sign ...

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Rumors Suggest a Disney Genie+ Tier Pricing System Is on the Way

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom with Walt and Mickey Partners Statue

Disney Genie+ boasts a service that will allow Walt Disney World park guests “More Time Enjoying the Magic.” But exactly how much are Disney fans willing to pay for the service? Rumors are swirling, predicting more money will come out of park guests’ pockets soon with a tiered Genie+ system. Disney Genie+ Service Long gone are the days of the ...

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The Biggest LIES People Believe About Disney

Lies people believe about Disney

To millions of people around the world, there is no better place to go than a Disney Park. It doesn’t matter if you visit Disneyland Resort in California, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Tokyo Disney Resort, Shanghai Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, or Disneyland Paris. Each Disney Resort has its own magical feel, its own amazing rides, and ...

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Another Controversial Change Happening to Live Action ‘Snow White’

Snow White 7 dwarfs

The controversies keep piling up for the Walt Disney Company over the upcoming live-action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (re-titled to just Snow White). RELATED: The Official Guide to Each Live-Action “Snow White” Controversy (So Far) The First Controversies First was pushback over the casting of Rachel Zegler. Being of Polish and Colombian descent, she is a woman ...

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How Disney Faked a Suicide and Lied About It

How Disney Faked a Suicide and Carried On a Lie

1958 was a simpler time. America’s first satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral, the Yankees won the World Series, and Disney quietly wrangled and murdered Lemmings for television? Yes, you read that correctly. Lemmings, small rodents who called the Artic tundra their home, were the victims of a staged, not-so-animal-friendly mass suicide (so it would seem) on the set of ...

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