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Two of Disney World’s Flagship Attractions Are Out of Commission

out of order disney world attractions

Thursday morning brought some unwelcomed and unplanned-for surprises to guests at Disney World, as two of the resort’s fan-favorite flagship attractions were non-operational. It doesn’t matter whether fans of the Walt Disney World Resort are seven, seventeen, or 70 years old, most of them will tell you they have a favorite attraction (or two or three or four). For some, ...

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Why We Choose to Skip These Disney Rides

peter pan

No matter how long your vacation is to Walt Disney World, you will have limited time in the parks. Because of that, there will be some rides and experiences that you won’t get to. Although we love and enjoy most of the attractions at Walt Disney World, some we feel can be skipped. We will share some of the rides ...

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We ALWAYS Skip These Disney World Rides

Disgust from Inside Out and Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom

We would like to say that we love every ride at Walt Disney World, but that isn’t the truth. We avoid some rides in all four parks for one reason or another. Although we hope you can decide whether you would enjoy these rides, we also wanted to share why we skipped them. By sharing our thoughts, we hope to ...

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Two Disney Attractions May Share a Hidden Secret

secret connection disney attraction

“There’s a great, big, beautiful secret at Walt Disney World. At least, there may be! Walt Disney World is home to many memorable attractions. Many of which have built colossal fan bases since their premiers. Typically, the longer the ride has been around, the more history and lore fans dig up. This has led to some fabulous finds around Walt ...

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Another Evacuation – It’s Time For Splash Mountain To Go

Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain was evacuated again last night. While that may not seem like news, it points to a pattern that does indeed raise an eyebrow or two. The ride has been experiencing more problems than usual lately. Recently Splash Mountain was evacuated as one of the ride’s log boats began to sink. Today’s evacuation wasn’t nearly that dramatic, but it ...

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Disney World to Bring Back Classic Magic Kingdom Ride

Walt Disney World Railroad

All aboard! In an era where the news is usually bad, we’ve got some really great news! While it’s no secret that the Walt Disney World Railroad was not closed permanently, many fans did start to wonder if it was going to become another attraction Disney quietly closed and never reopened. The fear was not completely baseless. Many attractions in ...

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