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Mini Cupcakes Recipe for Your ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Celebration

A group of cupcakes topped with pink frosting, chocolate sprinkles, and raspberries are displayed on a white cake stand. To the right, an animated queen character holding a heart-shaped object is seen against a backdrop of large red roses—a perfect mini cupcakes recipe for your ‘Alice in Wonderland’ celebration.

Indulge in the enchanting world of Alice in Wonderland with these delightful Mini Cupcakes topped with Raspberry Cream Cheese Frosting, fit for the Queen of Hearts herself! These bite-sized treats feature a moist vanilla or chocolate base, perfectly complemented by a luscious frosting made from creamy cheese and fresh raspberries, lending a regal touch of tartness and a vibrant pink ...

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Yummy Sparkling Citrus Punch Recipe for Your ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Celebration

An animated character in a green hat and suit pours tea from a large teapot, with some tea missing the cups. Next to this, a mason jar filled with Yummy Sparkling Citrus Punch garnished with a lemon slice and a yellow striped straw, sits by a window, perfect for your ‘Alice in Wonderland’ celebration.

Create a whimsical Sparkling Citrus Punch for your Alice in Wonderland celebration that even the Mad Hatter would approve of! This enchanting concoction is a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink perfect for summer. You will love the fizzy, fruity flavor! Serve it in a teapot for an authentic Wonderland touch, and watch your guests delight in this magical, effervescent beverage that’s perfect ...

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Strawberry Cake Recipe for a ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Celebration

On the left, a grinning Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland" lies on a branch. On the right, a delectable strawberry cake recipe for an 'Alice in Wonderland' celebration sits on a white plate, topped with whipping cream, fresh strawberry slices, and a blueberry, surrounded by more strawberries.

Celebrate a whimsical slice in Wonderland with a delightful strawberry cake that would make even the Cheshire Cat grin wider. This enchanting dessert is decorated with fresh strawberries, which makes it a visual and culinary delight. Serve each slice with a mischievous smile, and watch as guests disappear into a world of sweet fantasy, just like Alice following the Cheshire ...

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Tea Sandwiches Recipe for a ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Celebration

On the left, there are stacked trays of tea sandwiches, perfect for an 'Alice in Wonderland' celebration. On the right, an animated scene from "Alice in Wonderland" features Alice and the Mad Hatter pouring tea. The combination suggests a whimsical tea party setting.

Calling all daydreamers and adventure seekers for an enchanted evening of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (1951)! Embark on a cinematic journey where logic takes a vacation and whimsy reigns supreme… right at home in your kitchen! Prepare to nibble on delicious sugar cookies and try this yummy tea sandwich recipe for a perfect Alice in Wonderland-themed celebration. Whether you’re hosting ...

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Disney’s Avengers Campus Recipe! Pym Test Kitchen Impossible Spoonful

A bowl of penne pasta covered in marinara sauce, sprinkled with grated cheese, and topped with three round, dark-colored meatballs arranged in a triangular shape, with a small green garnish on the middle meatball.

This copycat Pym Test Kitchen Impossible Spoonful recipe will transport you right back to Avengers Campus. Plus, it is completely plant-based! Pym Test Kitchen Impossible Spoonful Pym Test Kitchen is a quick service restaurant in Disney California Adventure. It is nestled in the heart of the Avengers Campus. It is the perfect place to sit down, eat, drink your favorite ...

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Satu’li Bowls Recipe from Disney’s Animal Kingdom

A wooden bowl filled with noodles, chicken strips, beef slices, assorted vegetables, and topped with a creamy sauce and fish roe. Two small bowls of red fish roe are on the side, and there is a small container of creamy sauce in the background.

Step out of reality and into Pandora – World of Avatar with these delicious Satu’li Bowls from the Satu’li Canteen Menu at Walt Disney World. These Satu’li Bowls are a MUST when visiting Walt Disney World. Each bite is bursting with an array of different, fresh flavors. You will feel like you have stepped out of reality and into the ...

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Wickedly Delicious Maleficent Cake Jar Recipe

Maleficent Cake Jar Recipe

In the words of Maleficent, “Listen well, all of you!” Disney Family has shared a wickedly delicious recipe inspired by, yep, you guessed it… Maleficent! What better way to stir up some dark magic in the kitchen than with Maleficent Cake Jars! Your family will be frightfully excited to join in on the fun. Check out the recipe and tutorial ...

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Disney’s Totchos Recipe From Toy Story Land

A close-up of a fork lifting a bite from a bowl of Frito pie, which is topped with melted cheddar cheese, chili, sour cream, and chopped green onions. A small dish of additional shredded cheese and a bowl of chopped green onions are in the background, reminiscent of loaded totchos.

Found at Woody’s Lunchbox in Toy Story Land, these Totchos are a delicious savory snack. Layers of tater tots, chili, cheese, and toppings! I love tater tots and I love nachos, so when I heard of a dish combining the two, I was smitten. Totchos are the best of both worlds, a crispy, crunchy potato base loaded high with cheese ...

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