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Disney’s Princesses Ranked From Least to Most Annoying

Annoying Disney Princesses

When we think about Disney princesses, we typically think of beautiful young women, many of whom don’t fit into the world they find themselves living in. They have big dreams and big goals, but they don’t really know how to make those dreams become a reality. They also usually have really cute sidekicks who are the highlight of the movie. ...

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“That’s Not Aurora” – Disney Princess Mishap Leaves ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Fans In Tears

sleeping beauty surprised, censored sign

Princess Aurora, better known as Sleeping Beauty, is one of Walt Disney Studios’ most iconic and recognizable characters…so something must have gone terribly wrong for an outcry of “That’s not Aurora” from fans. Related: Disney’s First Queer Princess Could Happen Sooner Rather Than Later: “Strides in the Right Direction” Released in 1959, Sleeping Beauty was one of Walt Disney Studios’ first ...

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Disney Cosplayer Makes Headlines With How Much She Makes In An Hour

Disney cosplayer salary

Recently, a woman who earns her living by cosplaying as Disney princesses made headlines for how much she earns in an hour doing her job. Almost every little girl dreams of becoming a Disney princess as a child. Whether it’s through watching one’s favorite Disney movies or meeting one’s favorite princesses or Disney princes at the Disney Parks like Walt ...

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The Unpleasant Truths About Disney Princesses

Disney princesses

Many of us grew up loving Disney movies. We quickly fell in love with Belle, Princess Jasmine, Princess Ariel, and recently Rapunzel, Princess Tiana, and Moana. We missed some crucial realities regarding the Disney princesses as we were wrapped up in the great songs and Disney magic. Although Disney has worked hard in the last few years to present more diverse, ...

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LEGO Reveals New Disney Princess Sets Coming in the New Year!

lego disney princess disney castle lego set disney+ special little mermaid castle quest play kids character

LEGO has recently made an exciting announcement that has Disney Princess fans of all ages buzzing with anticipation. In a grand unveiling, LEGO has revealed a captivating new line of Disney Princess-themed sets that are set to hit the shelves in 2024. This news has sent ripples of joy through the Disney and LEGO communities alike as fans eagerly await ...

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Taylor Swift Taking Over as Disney Princess

Taylor Swift as Disney Princess

Swifties worldwide have been “Shaking it off” or telling themselves, “You Need to Calm Down” due to Taylor Swift’s ERAS Tour becoming such a magical moment. Taylor Swift, the renowned singer-songwriter, has created an impressive discography that spans multiple genres and has resonated with millions of fans around the world. Her albums not only showcase her growth as an artist ...

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Halle Bailey PREGNANT? Fans Convinced Live-Action Disney Princess is Expecting

halle bailey (forefront) during ABC interview, Live-Action Little Mermaid poster (background)

As Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid (1989) finally swims onto Disney Plus (stylistically Disney+), it continues to shatter through glass ceilings, breaking record after record. Halle Bailey, the star who brought Princess Ariel to life in the live-action Little Mermaid (2023), is no stranger to unfounded criticisms. But these criticisms have recently reached a new level. Halle Bailey ...

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Beloved Disney Princess Meet-and-Greet Coming to Disney World’s EPCOT

EPCOT Moana Attraction

The Walt Disney Company just announced some exciting Disney Princess news during the Destination D23 event: a new princess meet-and-greet is coming to EPCOT for the first time ever! When You Think of Princess Meet-and-Greets, You May Think of Disney’s Magic Kingdom READ MORE: Date Announced for Newest Disney Character Meet and Greet at Magic Kingdom When you think of meeting ...

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Unconventional Lessons Learned From Disney Princesses

Disney Princess

It’s World Princess Week, and to celebrate, we are thinking about Disney Princesses and what they mean to us. There are incredible life lessons to be learned from all Disney Princesses (yes, even the very early ones). It’s become trendy to hate on the Disney Princess in favor of more modern (and on-the-nose) storylines, but honestly? Everything I need to ...

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