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After 100 Years of Animation, Here Are the Most Annoying Disney Characters Ever

most annoying disney characters

Walt Disney Studios has been telling stories full of vibrant, complex, and memorable characters for a century. Through these years, pop icons like Mickey Mouse have been born, and franchises have been built on the strong shoulders of other leading characters like Captain Jack Sparrow. Disney, as a master storyteller, has always been able to create lasting impressions through different ...

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Haunted Mansion…Dead On Arrival

hanuted mansion movie 2020 ride attraction disneyland closing haunted mansion holiday overlay

The new Haunted Mansion (2023) movie may become another flop from The Walt Disney Company. Although it hasn’t spawned the level of controversy associated with other films in the past 12 months, such as Lightyear (2022), Strange World (2022), or The Little Mermaid (2023), it will likely follow in the footsteps of a long life of recent box office failures. ...

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Support Grows for Dwayne Johnson in ‘Pocahontas’ Remake

Pocahontas logo with Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock, has been in the news a lot lately. In addition to his significant donation to the SAG-AFTRA relief fund, he has also been embroiled in a lawsuit. RELATED: Dwayne Johnson Makes “Historic” Donation to SAG-AFTRA Foundation During Actor’s Strike Dwayne Johnson News Earlier this week, it was reported that he made a 7-figure donation to the ...

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7 Signs You’re Being Disney Catfished

Homer Simpson talking about Harry Potter at Disney World

To “catfish” an individual is to set up a false persona (usually online) to deceive another individual. RELATED: Darth Stamos – The Dark Side of Uncle Jesse But what is a Disney Catfish? That’s when someone deceives an individual by pretending to be a Disney fan when they really aren’t. You know what we’re talking about. You know the people. They ...

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Disney Could Delay These New Movies for 2023 Due to SAG-AFTRA Strike

Disney Could Delay These New Films for 2023 Due to SAG-AFTRA Strike

Multiple new Disney movies and projects are facing unexpected delays due to the unending SAG-AFTRA strikes. Potential holds to current release slates could be a tremendous financial burden as The Walt Disney Company has consistently underperformed at the global box office, releasing several high-budget failures over the last year. Although fans have claimed that many of Disney’s recent losses at ...

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Many Wonder Why Disney is Hiding the Truth About Leaked Photos of Live-Action “Snow White” Film

Snow white live action

When photos were leaked of the Snow White live-action remake, there was an uproar. Many were upset that seven dwarfs had been replaced. Others were upset at the diverse casting choice and decried the film as “another woke failure.” Disney’s PR team went into crisis mode, trying to change the narrative. They issued a statement saying that they’d reached out ...

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