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Disney Releases Controversial New Merchandise: “It’s Terrible & a Eyesore!”

Disney merch fail

Is this a hit or a miss? Disney, the global entertainment giant, has consistently made waves with its merchandise releases, often stirring up a whirlwind of mixed emotions within its dedicated fan base. Despite the company’s unwavering popularity and success, controversy has not eluded the imaginative world of Disney. Many of these controversies have had to do with the merchandise ...

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For Just $7,900, You Can Become a Disney Dapper Dan!

Dapper Dans

It’s a deal too good to pass up! The Dapper Dans, a beloved and iconic entertainment group, have been charming guests at Disneyland Park for years. These talented performers, dressed in perfectly coordinated barbershop quartet attire, bring joy and nostalgia to Main Street, U.S.A. With their incredible harmonies and timeless songs. Their presence adds an extra layer of magic to ...

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Disney Merchandise Draws Attention for Potentially Inappropriate Imagery

Shirt Pixelated

WARNING: The following article contains content and/or language that may not be suitable for younger readers. Viewer discretion is advised. This clearly was a mistake… right? When it comes to Disney merchandise, there have been instances where certain products may not have resonated with fans and consumers as expected. These instances are jokingly referred to as “Disney merchandise fails.” While ...

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Disney Dining’s Holiday Cheer Giveaway

Disney Dining Holiday Giveaway

Sip, sip, hooray! The holiday season has officially arrived, and we’re ready to celebrate with a special giveaway. One lucky reader now has a chance to win Disney Dining’s Holiday Cheer Giveaway, which includes a $100 Disney gift card and two stemless wine glasses featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse enjoying the holidays! The Holidays With Disney The Disney parks are ...

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Disney Store May Return Sooner Than Anyone Thought Possible

mickey and minnie standing in front of the disney store

The very first Disney Store opened in California in 1987, creating an entirely new experience for fans. Unlike any other toy store on the market, the Disney Store was unique because each location brought a little piece of the Disney Parks to fans who were cities, states, and even countries away from Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. What ...

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Don’t Wait! Figment Ear Headband Now Available Online!

Figment Ear Headband

This is not a drill Figment fans! The beloved purple dragon that inspired Walt Disney World Resort’s popular EPCOT attraction, Journey into Imagination with Figment, now has his own Figment ear headband available for purchase. Related: Change My Mind – Journey into Imagination with Figment is BETTER than Cosmic Rewind Figment, EPCOT’s Mascot It’s no secret that Disney fans LOVE ...

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Disney Dining’s ‘Hocus Pocus’ Goblet Giveaway

Hocus Pocus goblet giveaway featuring the Sanderson Sisters

“Sistahhhs!” Join us as we celebrate the fall season’s arrival with a Hocus Pocus twist. That’s right… one lucky reader now has a chance to win Disney Dining’s 3-piece goblet giveaway featuring our favorite cult-classic trio… the Sanderson Sisters! Credit: Disney The Hocus Pocus Film Franchise First debuting in 1993, Hocus Pocus is a family-friendly film released by Walt Disney ...

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Disney is Opening the VAULT! New ‘Avengers’ Location Coming Soon

Avengers Campus

This is thrilling news! Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort pride themselves in providing everything a Guest could possibly want while visiting each Disney Park. Whether it’s offering a plethora of dining options or having every kind of ride and attraction a Guest could dream of, Disney is always aiming to please their customers. Another area that Disney excels ...

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MAYHEM at DISNEY! Hours-Long Lines Wrap Through the Parks for New ‘Hatbox Ghost Tiki Mug’ Release

Hatbox mug

This is like the Figment popcorn bucket all over again! The highly anticipated Hatbox Ghost Tiki Mug is here, and Disney fans everywhere are buzzing with excitement. This limited-edition drink mug is inspired by the beloved Hatbox Ghost, an iconic character from the Haunted Mansion attraction. Disneyland Resort is thrilled to be able to offer such an iconic piece of ...

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Frightful Haunted Mansion Finds at Spirit Halloween

Frightful Haunted Mansion Find at Spirit Halloween

It may be hot and muggy outside, the Fourth of July is next week, and you are probably carving watermelons instead of pumpkins, but I believe it is never too early to talk about Halloween! It may not feel like it, but we’re only 64 days away from Fall. In fact, in only a few weeks, you’ll most likely start ...

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