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Blood-Stained Floor: Brutal Injury Reported at Disney World Gift Shop

Disney World Shoppers

Shoppers at EPCOT were greeted with a horrifying sight last month when a woman suffered a bloody injury at one of the Walt Disney World Resort theme park’s gift shops. The Disney Park guest shared her story–and what Disney cast members did to compensate for it—on TikTok. Related: Woman Files Personal Injury Lawsuit After “Violently Striking” Head on Space Mountain ...

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Walt Disney’s Autograph Is Selling for a Fortune Online

walt disney autograph

How many times have you signed your name today? If you work in an office, you’ve likely had to sign your name on paperwork requested by another employee or manager. If you have children, you might have had to sign your name on a document from your child’s teacher or a permission slip for an upcoming field trip. If you’re ...

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Disney Fans Have Had Enough of Merchandise Resellers

Haunted Mansion Sipper Resellers

No one does merchandise quite like Walt Disney World. For every special event or holiday, Disney World always has something new for guests to pick up and enjoy. Despite Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party and Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom having great merchandise, there is nothing quite like what Hollywood Studios does for its Star Wars celebration on ...

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Your Racist Disney Memorabilia Could Be Worth Thousands

Two hands exchanging a dollar bill over a fantastical miniature landscape featuring Splash Mountain merchandise, a small house, and vibrant, detailed greenery under a clear blue sky.

Over its decades of existence, Disney has had numerous films and offerings that have faced public scrutiny. As the world evolves and public opinions change, certain topics and concepts can be deemed no longer palatable by modern audiences. While many of Disney’s intellectual properties have faced this fate over the years, none has raised the amount of public uproar as ...

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Disney Dining’s “May the 4th Be With You” Giveaway

Disney Dining's May the Fourth Be With You Giveaway

In celebration of Star Wars Day (known for “May the 4th be with you”), we are offering a special giveaway bundle! So, of course, we celebrate with the cutest Star Wars character in the galaxy… Grogu (also known as “The Child” / “Baby Yoda”). He’s the hero we never knew we needed. Shrouded in mystery with many adventures yet to ...

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Crack Downs On Disney Resellers to Increase

disney resellers crackdown

Fans have decided that they’ve had enough of third-party vendors reselling Disney merchandise and are looking into reporting them to Disney. Let it never be said that Disney fans are not loyal! Recently, fans debated how they would contribute to Disney’s efforts to preserve their product integrity and authenticity by reporting resellers to the company. In response to the surge ...

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Disney Reveals NEW Create-Your-Own Disney Headbands

Disney headbands

Disney headbands are not just a fashion accessory; they are a symbol of magic and wonder, transporting wearers into the enchanting world of Disney. These headbands, adorned with iconic symbols and characters from beloved Disney stories, have become a must-have item for Disney enthusiasts of all ages. From classic Minnie Mouse ear headbands to intricate designs inspired by Disney princesses, ...

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“Trans King”: Disney Under Question for Confusing ‘Hercules’ Merchandise

Hercules fail

The merchandise drama never seems to end for Disney… Disney generates a significant portion of its revenue through the sale of merchandise at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. The parks are not only magical destinations for visitors but also bustling hubs of retail activity, offering a plethora of enchanting products for fans of all ages. From iconic character-themed ...

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