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Disney Movie to Make Big Splash in Theaters

movie theater

Many Disney fans prepare to head to the theatres as a beloved movie returns to the big screen. Moana (2016) will return to select U.S. theaters from October 13 to 26, 2023. This is part of the Disney100 celebration this year and into 2024. For 100 years, the Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney Animation Studios have been bringing stories to generations year ...

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The “Perfect” Flynn Rider to Florence Pugh’s Rapunzel Has Reportedly Been Found

florence pugh rapunzel, ben barnes flynn rider, live-action tangled movie

Although fans have been begging the Walt Disney Company to stop making live-action remakes of everyone’s favorite animated movie, the Mouse simply won’t quit. More and more live-action fairy tales have been announced, including a remake of Tangled (2011), a beloved Disney movie from just over ten years ago. As a result, Disney fans have tasked themselves with something monumental: ...

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Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Sing “I See the Light” From Upcoming Live-Action ‘Tangled’ Remake

Taylor Swift Harry Styles Tangled

Right now, the internet can’t stop talking about the upcoming live-action Tangled movie. It was announced last week that the beloved animated film is set to receive the live-action treatment, and fans of the original movie are eagerly waiting for more information. The story of Tangled is a modern retelling of the classic Rapunzel fairytale. Rapunzel, a creative and outspoken young girl, has been ...

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Amidst Ongoing Strikes, a New Update For Disney’s “Lilo & Stitch” Is On Its Way

lilo and stitch

Although fans have been begging the Walt Disney Company to cease its habit of bringing classic animated tales back to life with live-action versions, the Mouse is insistent on the remakes. While there’s currently a “list that’s three miles long” of Disney remakes that were being considered or were actually in production (before the current strikes began), one of the ...

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Support Grows for Dwayne Johnson in ‘Pocahontas’ Remake

Pocahontas logo with Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock, has been in the news a lot lately. In addition to his significant donation to the SAG-AFTRA relief fund, he has also been embroiled in a lawsuit. RELATED: Dwayne Johnson Makes “Historic” Donation to SAG-AFTRA Foundation During Actor’s Strike Dwayne Johnson News Earlier this week, it was reported that he made a 7-figure donation to the ...

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Many Wonder Why Disney is Hiding the Truth About Leaked Photos of Live-Action “Snow White” Film

Snow white live action

When photos were leaked of the Snow White live-action remake, there was an uproar. Many were upset that seven dwarfs had been replaced. Others were upset at the diverse casting choice and decried the film as “another woke failure.” Disney’s PR team went into crisis mode, trying to change the narrative. They issued a statement saying that they’d reached out ...

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