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Disney Reevaluates Extreme Bluey Censorship


Parents love Bluey. The Australian children’s show is wholesome and silly and inspires us to be better while entertaining and educating the kids. Some US parents were upset, however, to learn they had not seen every episode of the beloved show. They were even more upset when they discovered the reason: Disney had censored the show and did not air ...

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Two New Shows Announced For Disney+, Disney Junior to Also Get New Series

When Disney’s streaming service Disney+ was launched in 2019, Disney promised that the new platform would always be seeing new, original programming. In the two years since, Disney has released more than 80 original series on Disney+. There have been series released for Marvel fans, like Loki and┬áThe Falcon and the Winter Soldier.┬áStar Wars fans have been able to get ...

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