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Guest Reportedly Loses “Chunk Out of Elbow” While Visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Requires Visit to ER

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Although Walt Disney World is the Most Magical Place on Earth, the vacation destination sees minor injuries every day. It’s an inevitable part of visiting one of the Disney Parks, especially without proper preparation. Some Guests find themselves incredibly achy after walking around the theme park all day long, while others find themselves dehydrated after spending all day in the ...

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Are Disney Injury Reports Inadequate? You Decide

Disney injury reports

Disney Parks are some of the safest theme parks in the world. Imagineers work extremely hard to make sure the rides they build are safe and tested regularly. Injuries are rare, serious injuries are even more rare, but they do happen. It’s those rare times when they happen that have Orlando Sentinel writer Scott Maxwell upset.  In an OP-ED piece, ...

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