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Disney’s Got 999 Problems But A Ghost’s Not One

Hatbox Ghost at Haunted Mansion

The Hatbox Ghost is an iconic and mysterious character that originated from Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion attractio. This spectral figure has fascinated park-goers since the attraction’s opening in 1969, sparking curiosity and intrigue among fans and enthusiasts. Disney Imagineers originally intended for this ghostly figure to be a prominent element within the Haunted Mansion. Still, due to technical limitations at the ...

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Multiple Guests Groped on Disney Rides

crowds Groped on Disney rides Park lass canceled hurricane Indalia

Guests should be warned that there have been multiple reports of inappropriate behavior at Walt Disney World. While it’s easy to believe that Disney exists in a bubble and nothing ever goes wrong, sadly, the real world manages to creep in anyway. Emphasis on the word creep. Reddit User u/JBAnswers26 recently asked what the scariest thing guests have ever encountered ...

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You Can Totally Do Without This Overrated Disney Accessory

Park bag Disney

A few years ago I went through an unexpected breakup. It was completely out of the blue, not something I saw coming at all. I really thought it was going to be forever. We were very happy together and then one day-poof!! Our love affair was over forever. After many happy years together, I officially said goodbye to the park ...

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