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Disney Faces Loss of Rights to 18 Films Within Six Months

Mickey Mouse

Earlier this year, Disney lost the rights to the OG iteration of Mickey Mouse, Steamboat Willie – but that’s just the beginning. Copyright law is a complicated matter, especially once The Walt Disney Company gets involved. Over the years, Disney has lobbied extensively to extend copyright terms in its favor, with the most recent extension – which set this term ...

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When It Comes to Disney’s Animated Films, “Inclusion” Doesn’t Mean “Everyone”

church in pixar's incredibles

For years, The Walt Disney Company has touted its initiatives toward inclusion across Disney’s many theme park resorts, for its employees, and in its films, series, and stories. But when it comes to Disney’s film and television entertainment, it’s glaringly apparent that inclusion usually applies only to some. Related: Disney Loses Nearly 95% of Its Animation Material Inclusion and Diversity ...

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After 100 Years of Animation, Here Are the Most Annoying Disney Characters Ever

most annoying disney characters

Walt Disney Studios has been telling stories full of vibrant, complex, and memorable characters for a century. Through these years, pop icons like Mickey Mouse have been born, and franchises have been built on the strong shoulders of other leading characters like Captain Jack Sparrow. Disney, as a master storyteller, has always been able to create lasting impressions through different ...

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Many Wonder Why Disney is Hiding the Truth About Leaked Photos of Live-Action “Snow White” Film

Snow white live action

When photos were leaked of the Snow White live-action remake, there was an uproar. Many were upset that seven dwarfs had been replaced. Others were upset at the diverse casting choice and decried the film as “another woke failure.” Disney’s PR team went into crisis mode, trying to change the narrative. They issued a statement saying that they’d reached out ...

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Supporters Claim “Racism” As “The Little Mermaid” Surpasses Half a Billion

Supporters Claim "Racism" As "The Little Mermaid" Surpasses Half a Billion

Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid remake has officially surpassed the half-a-billion dollar mark globally. A larger picture suggests the film could still be considered a financial failure despite what may look like success. With a lofty production budget half the size of its earnings, it is challenging to use the term “success.” As so studiously pointed out by earlier today, “Depending ...

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios Projection Show To Return With New Mulan Sequence

Theme Park entertainment is making a comeback at Walt Disney World! Magic Kingdom’s Casey’s Corner Pianist and “Let the Magic Begin” have returned. Over at EPCOT, Sergio and Matsuriza Drummers have returned. Even Disney’s Animal Kingdom is getting in on the action with the new “Disney Kitetails” daytime entertainment. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is no exception as they prepare to welcome ...

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