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Couple Ties the Knot With 10-Tiered Disney Wedding Cake

Disney Wedding Cake

Disney superfans Sean and Siobhan exchanged vows with a special themed ceremony–a magical ceremony sure to get them off to the perfect start. And of course, they had to have a fantastic Disney wedding cake to celebrate! Siobhan Perdue, age 24, loves Disney, and she married her Disney-loving fiance, Sean. Their over-the-top wedding featured Disney touches throughout the event, but ...

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Crack Downs On Disney Resellers to Increase

disney resellers crackdown

Fans have decided that they’ve had enough of third-party vendors reselling Disney merchandise and are looking into reporting them to Disney. Let it never be said that Disney fans are not loyal! Recently, fans debated how they would contribute to Disney’s efforts to preserve their product integrity and authenticity by reporting resellers to the company. In response to the surge ...

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106-Year-Old Woman Finds Her Passion For Disney Late in Life–and Celebrates With a Trip to Magic Kingdom!

106 year old woman visits disney world

A 106-year-old woman who’d never been to a Disney park in her life finally discovered the magic of Disney–and decided to celebrate her birthday at Magic Kingdom! Is there anything more magical than enjoying a celebration at Disney World? Whether it’s a holiday, an anniversary, a special achievement, or a birthday, there’s just something about celebrating at a Disney park ...

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7 Signs You’re Being Disney Catfished

Homer Simpson talking about Harry Potter at Disney World

To “catfish” an individual is to set up a false persona (usually online) to deceive another individual. RELATED: Darth Stamos – The Dark Side of Uncle Jesse But what is a Disney Catfish? That’s when someone deceives an individual by pretending to be a Disney fan when they really aren’t. You know what we’re talking about. You know the people. They ...

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