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Highly-Requested Disneyland Attraction Makes Surprise Arrival at Walt Disney World Resort

A crowd of people walking toward a theme park entrance with a bridge overhead. In the background, there's a large, rocky, mountainous structure with a waterfall. Buildings and trees surround the area under a partly cloudy sky, perfectly setting the scene for discovering Disney Springs.

There has been a long-forming beef between Walt Disney World Resort fans and the The Walt Disney Company over the attractions and offerings being brought into the Orlando, Florida resort. Many guests believe that the company has found a “favorite child” in the Disneyland Resort, meaning the California location has been given favorable new additions over Walt Disney World. This ...

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Doctor Who In Talks To Stream On Disney+

Doctor who

Disney+ has some incredible original programming, like the hit series The Mandalorian or WandaVision and is an absolute treasure trove of Disney classics and current Disney favorites. Recently though, they have been looking to branch out. Like most other streaming services, Disney+ has been attempting to woo established programs into the fold in order to bulk up their offerings. Could ...

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