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Remembering Alex Stromski- A True Disney Legend

Alex Stromski

Disney Cast Members are a truly special bunch. Every so often, though, one stands out above the crowd. Alex Stromski is one of those people. His career was remarkable, as was his love for those around him. Enlisting in the Navy at the end of WWII,  Stromski was no stranger to hard work. The Navy became his career. He even ...

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Texas Representative Worries Companies Like Disney Are Creating Hostile Work Environments For Women

Disney maternity leave

With the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade, many companies have come out in support of abortion rights. Disney is one of those companies. They have vowed to help women travel to access abortions.  Representative Michael Cloud, R-Texas, however, worries this could have an unintended consequence. He sent letters to companies, including Disney, where he expressed concern that these statements ...

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That Time The Simpsons Riffed on One of Disney’s Darkest Moments

The Simpsons

The Simpsons has a habit of poking the bear, so to speak.  No one is immune: governments, celebrities, and religions have all felt the sting of the cartoons’ mockery. Disney is no exception. Admittedly,  it was worse before The House of Mouse owned the Simpsons, but Fox’s new ownership hasn’t earned them any slack either.  One time in particular, though, ...

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The Best Magic Kingdom Resturant You’ve Probably Never Been To

Diamond horseshoe

Located between Frontierland and Liberty Square in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, you’ll find one of the Parks most underappreciated restaurants: The Diamond Horseshoe.  This all-you-can-eat table service venue features hearty American fare at a pretty reasonable price, ya know, for Disney. Despite this, it’s one of the least talked about restaurants in the Park.  I credit this restaurant’s lack of popularity ...

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News and Views Around Walt Disney World-Christmas Week 2013

News and Views Around Walt Disney World-Christmas Week 2013 Have yourself a Merry Christmas at Walt Disney World! You won’t be alone as this is the busiest time of year at the Parks. Expect the Magic Kingdom to be at capacity and closed early Christmas morning.  Monday morning the crowd was not so bad, but by 10AM it was really ...

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