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Disney Debate Ignites Around Restricting Young Children From Theme Parks

guests with mickey mouse

There is no doubt about it–Disney Parks are beautiful and magical places for children to enjoy. The immersive atmosphere and interactive elements make it a dream for most children. Since the beginning, both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort have been created with children in mind. As time passed, the parks eventually became more geared toward adults. Now, some ...

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Debate Ensues as Disney Fans Discuss Weapons Within the Parks

Two Disney Cast Members on Security Team

A loophole in Walt Disney World Resort’s rules allegedly threatens the safety of thousands of guests. According to reports from recent Disney guests and cast members, security is slacking on confiscating certain realistic prop weapons. The discussion began when Redditor u/Quasimodo-57 asked Disney Parks fans about their Walt Disney World Resort costume idea. Though the Disney Dress Code prohibits costumes ...

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Dear Disney: Please Ban This One Thing At ALL Theme Parks!

Disney Should Ban Resellers

It’s no secret that one of the most controversial practices in all Disney Parks is the reselling of popular merchandise. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a great new piece of merchandise, heading to the parks right after it’s released, and it’s already gone. Then, you see guests with bags full of that merchandise then, hours later, it’s posted ...

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10 Biggest Controversies at Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom Castle with a lightning bolt behind it

Controversy. That is a word we have learned a lot about over the past years. Even the most Magical Place on Earth is not spared from its share of controversy. Controversies at Walt Disney World From the benign disagreements that are hotly debated amongst Disney fans to the more wide-reaching topics that mirror the larger world around us, Walt Disney ...

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