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Woke-Opposition Boycotts Disney Over “Pronoun Pin” Controversy

wdw Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle

Has Disney introduced pronouns to their Cast Member’s nametags? Many Americans with more conservative ideals are opposing Disney’s new alleged policy, which allegedly allows Cast Members to display their pronouns on their Cast Member name tags. These conservative individuals argue that this initiative is a manifestation of “political correctness” and claim that it is unnecessary for Cast Members to openly ...

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Is the ‘Go Woke Go Broke’ Crowd Winning? A Look at the Numbers

partners statue in front of cinderella castle disney world go woke go broke

Disney has alienated many of its fans in recent years. The phrase “go woke, go broke” has trended on social media, and people everywhere have vowed boycotts. It started with former CEO Bob Chapek and his fumbling of Disney’s statement in regard to the Parental Rights in Education Act (dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” by critics). Disney, as a ...

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