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PETA Demands an End to Animal-Themed Carousel Like Those at Disney World and Disneyland

carrsousel at disney world magic kingdom

PETA is demanding that animal-themed carousels like those found at Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park become a thing of the past, as the organization says that such attractions are harmful to animals because they teach children to disrespect animals and go so far as to celebrate that disrespect. No More Animal Carousels, Says PETA On Monday, PETA, People for the ...

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Disney Park Crowds Witness “Mass Murder” Firsthand

Disneyland at night

Disney Park guests were treated to a truly once-in-a-lifetime sight when a massive murder took place in Disneyland. These wild animals, known for their creepy and haunting allure, often symbolize death to people. However creepy these animals might seem, they typically are harmless to humans and other large species. Nature Takes Flight at Disney A massive “murder” of crows, consisting ...

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How Disney Faked a Suicide and Lied About It

How Disney Faked a Suicide and Carried On a Lie

1958 was a simpler time. America’s first satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral, the Yankees won the World Series, and Disney quietly wrangled and murdered Lemmings for television? Yes, you read that correctly. Lemmings, small rodents who called the Artic tundra their home, were the victims of a staged, not-so-animal-friendly mass suicide (so it would seem) on the set of ...

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