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Formula One Docuseries Coming to Disney Plus

Formula One docuseries disney+

Formula One fans have something to be excited about! Following their recent (very expensive) bid for F1 streaming rights in the United States, Disney has an exciting new docuseries coming to Disney+! Long time great head and speed freak Keanu Reeves will host the series. He says he was inspired to do the series after hearing the incredible tale of ...

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Disney Pays 1500% Premium to Air Formula 1

F1 and Disney

Formula 1 is the fastest growing sport in America. The international auto racing series regularly sees about 1.4 million American viewers each week, that’s a 53% increase in viewership from last season. This rise in viewership is thanks, in part, to the tumultuous championship race at the end of last season where decisions by the race authorities allowed for a ...

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