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Disney Goes R-Rated With Their First Ever ‘Deadpool 3’ Trailer

Disney Goes R-Rated With Their First Ever 'Deadpool 3' Trailer

The Deadpool 3 (2024) trailer that premiered during the Super Bowl gave us a wild and hilarious peek into Wade Wilson’s next adventure. Get ready for the highly anticipated release of the Deadpool 3 trailer! Marvel fans and movie enthusiasts alike have been eagerly awaiting this sneak peek into the next chapter of Wade Wilson’s (played by the charismatic Ryan ...

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NEW: Disney Postpones a Handful of MAJOR Upcoming Films


Just yesterday, Hollywood celebrated a massive success after it was announced that the strike between the film studios and the film actors union had finally come to an end. This announcement means that actors and film production companies can finally get back to work. It also means that major studios like Walt Disney Studios have had a chance to take ...

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Taylor Swift Joining the MCU

Taylor swift rendering as dazzler in front of marvel logo

That’s the rumor, anyway. There’s a theory that in Deadpool 3 (2024), Taylor Swift will portray the superhero Dazzler. But where exactly did this rumor come from? And could it be true? RELATED: Taylor Swift, Bodyguards Take Over Disneyland Rumor Source Erik Davis (of Fandango and Rotten Tomatoes) said on X (formerly Twitter) that many years ago, he had a conversation ...

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‘Deadpool 3’ May Bring Back a Very Dangerous MCU Villain

'Deadpool 3' May Bring Back a Very Dangerous MCU Villain

It’s time to make the chimichangas! Deadpool 3 is on his way to theatres, bringing the ultimate MCU villain with him. Rumors are swirling about one particular Marvel project. No, it isn’t another Avengers movie (not yet, at least). It’s not a new Disney+ show, either. Instead, it’s the third installment of everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed antihero, Deadpool! As you’ve probably heard, Ryan ...

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First Look: See Hugh Jackman Return As Marvel-Favorite Wolverine in “Deadpool 3”

First Look: Hugh Jackman Returns As Marvel-Favorite Wolverine in "Deadpool 3"

Marvel fans rejoice; the time is near! It’s been six excruciating years since we’ve seen Hugh Jackman take on the role of Wolverine. Fox’s Logan left fans wondering what would happen to the clawed X-men member with a bad attitude. Luckily, we got our answer a few months ago when Jackman appeared alongside Ryan Reynolds to announce that Wolverine would make his ...

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