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Drax Does Disney- Dave Bautista Rides Cosmic Rewind

Dave Bautista rides Cosmic Rewind

How cool would it be to be able to be a part of a Disney ride? That’s the ultimate dream for any Disney fan honestly. Put me in a Disney ride and honestly that would just be it for me. I will have achieved peak life satisfaction. Former pro-wrestler turned actor Dave Bautista knows this thrill.  On May 27, 2022 ...

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Marvel’s ‘Drax’ adopts puppy at local Humane Society, offers reward for info about her abuser

He’s been called “Drax the Destroyer,” but it might be more fitting to call him “Drax the Dog Lover.” There’s something about a puppy that makes even tough guys seem like overgrown teddy bears, and the same is true for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Drax, who’s just adopted a puppy from the Tampa Bay Humane Society. A puppy named ...

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