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Controversy Erupts as Disney World Faces Backlash Over “Insulting” Decisions on Classic Attractions

Disneyland Castle

Imagine stepping into Walt Disney World Resort and finding classic attractions fundamentally changed. No longer just whimsical rides, but redesigned to include new features like bathrooms midway through queues or themed porta-potties at strategic points. This concept might seem bizarre to some, but for many Disney fans, especially those with medical conditions, it represents a potential change that could make ...

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Disney’s Online Disability Access System (DAS) Plagued With Exhaustive Wait Times

disability access system disney world

Serious changes are coming to Disney’s Disability Access system starting in May. Announced last week, Walt Disney World and Disneyland, both home to the Disney Disability Access Service, will now only allow use from guests with cognitive issues like or associated with Autism. Disney’s Disability Access Service (DAS) system is a thoughtful and inclusive program tailored to enhance the magical ...

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Double-Amputee Denied Disney Accessibility Service; Victim Speaks Out

disney guests, family

The Disney DAS pass is an amazing resource, but apparently, it’s not available for every guest with a disability… A story broke about a double amputee initially being denied a Walt Disney World Resort disability pass has sparked controversy, raising questions about accessibility services at the theme park. The incident highlighted the importance of ensuring that individuals with various disabilities ...

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A Cast Member’s ABLEIST Comment Ignites Internet Debate Over Disney’s Accessibility Services

Main Street U.S.A.

Disney has always been synonymous with enchantment, magic, and creating unforgettable memories. It’s a place where dreams come true, where families can bond over shared experiences, and where people of all ages can relive their favorite childhood stories. Walt Disney World Resort, located in Orlando, Florida, is a sprawling complex that encompasses four theme parks, two water parks, a shopping ...

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You Can Now Pre-Register for Disney’s Disability Access Service with Live Video Chat

Disney Parks have worked hard to ensure they are committed to providing a “welcoming, inclusive environment and accessible experiences for our Guests.” With this commitment, Walt Disney World Resort is now making the Disability Access Service (DAS) program easier to register for. The DAS service is available to assist Guests who have difficulty tolerating extended waits in a conventional queue ...

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Changes to Disney’s disability program may hurt its defense in current lawsuits

expedition everest animal kingdom

Disney recently announced changes to its Disability Access Service Program that will be implemented this fall. The program continues to be available to Guests for whom a disability makes it difficult to wait in lines for attractions, such as Autism. Changes to the program include allowing Guests with disabilities to register for services up to 30 days before they visit ...

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Big changes coming to Disney’s Disability Access Services (DAS) Program

Mickey Mouse DAS

Big changes are coming to Walt Disney World’s Disability Access Services (DAS) Program this fall–and they’re very welcome changes indeed! The program serves many Guests for whom a disability makes waiting in long lines difficult or impossible. It currently allows those Guests and up to 6 members of their traveling party to approach the kiosk for an attraction and request ...

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