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Is Disney Wasting Money Creating Exclusive Private Communities in Different States?

Storyliving by Disney

The Walt Disney Company has recently ventured beyond its traditional entertainment avenues, extending its magic into real estate by creating exclusive residential communities under the Storyliving by Disney brand. The move has sparked debates on platforms like Reddit, where some users question whether Disney “is wasting money” on these ventures. However, a closer look reveals a strategic approach that parallels ...

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After Backlash, Disney Renames Another “Racially Offensive” Attraction

Cotio laughing place ranch cancelled

Disney’s continued efforts to make Disney a safe and accepting community have resulted in the renaming of one of Disney’s upcoming attractions. While this news may shock some, many fans are aware that Disney is diligently removing anything from each theme park that could come off as racially insensitive. Earlier this year, Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort both ...

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Disney Shocks Fans by Introducing NEW ‘Song of the South’ Attraction

Br'er Fox Br'er rabbit splash mountain disney parks ride attraction characters song of the south

When the iconic Disney ride Splash Mountain closed earlier this year, it instantly became one of the biggest Disney news stories of the year. The ride, which was based on the extremely controversial film Song of the South, was closed due to concerns that the material was racially insensitive in today’s society. In its place, Disney is currently building Tiana’s ...

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