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Disney Park Accused of Racism, Only Hiring White Performers

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Whenever a Cast Member begins earning their ears at a Disney Park, they’re introduced to something known as “The Four Keys.” These are supposed to be the main aspects that Cast Members should focus on while working at a Disney theme park, giving employees a broad guide on how to act at all times. The keys are as follows: Safety, ...

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Supporters Claim “Racism” As “The Little Mermaid” Surpasses Half a Billion

Supporters Claim "Racism" As "The Little Mermaid" Surpasses Half a Billion

Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid remake has officially surpassed the half-a-billion dollar mark globally. A larger picture suggests the film could still be considered a financial failure despite what may look like success. With a lofty production budget half the size of its earnings, it is challenging to use the term “success.” As so studiously pointed out by DisneyDining.com earlier today, “Depending ...

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A ‘politically correct’ Disney Park: Notre Dame Cathedral reconstruction plans met with controversy over new Disney-like additions

To the horror of those who watched in person, online, and over television news broadcasts around the world on April 15, 2019. the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, became engulfed in flames. The blaze roared for more than nine hours before being completely extinguished. In the end, 850-year-old structure had suffered extensive damage to its exterior. The cathedral’s spire ...

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