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Disneyland Resort Guests Receive Warning

Walt Disney Studios (1)

For guests looking to travel to a Disneyland Resort in 2024, they are seeing a clear warning from Disney before booking their vacation. Disneyland Resort Prepares Guests For guests looking to travel toĀ Disneyland Paris during the remainder of 2023 and into 2024, a warning is provided before travel. Disneyland Paris is letting guests know that the Walt Disney Studios Park ...

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Disney Shares Images of Testing at Journey of Water

Te Fiti Arrives at EPCOT

If you’ve been to EPCOT lately, you’ve noticed that we’re starting to get closer to removing those construction barriers that have been obstructing sightlines for what seems like forever. Behind some of those walls is a new Moana-themed attraction slated to open later in 2023. The latest EPCOT addition will be located in World Nature and is “dedicated to understanding ...

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