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Disneyland Shutting Down Due to State of Emergency

disneyland castle storm

Disneyland Resort is a name that evokes wonder and enchantment. However, even “The Happiest Place on Earth occasionally faces challenges that impact its operations. One such challenge is inclement weather, which, on rare occasions, may lead to Disneyland closing early for the safety and comfort of its guests. On February 4th, Disneyland was forced to close early due to a ...

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“Absolutely Devastating”: Fans Crushed After Disney’s Iconic Railroad Suddenly Closes

Disneyland Railroad

If you’ve ever visited Disneyland Park, chances are you’ve heard the cheerful whistle of the Disneyland Railroad. This iconic train, one of Walt Disney’s early visions for Disneyland, has been transporting Guests around the magical worlds of Disney for decades. Walt Disney adored trains, and when creating Disneyland, he imagined a miniature steam-powered railroad that would encircle his dream park. ...

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Disney Park closes today after authorities discover Guest tested positive for COVID-19

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort has closed its gates today following the discovery by authorities that a Guest who visited the park over the weekend was infected with COVID-19. RELATED: Disney Park on lockdown; 30,000 Guests forced to be tested for COVID-19 The Disney Resort, which is owned by The Walt Disney Company and the local government spoke about the decision ...

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