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Fans Call Out ‘Bluey’ Copycat Show

Bluey vs Chip Chilla

In October 2023, the American children’s show Chip Chilla launched, and Australians are not fans of the new American show. Seen by many as a blatant rip-off of the beloved Bluey, many Australians are actively speaking out against the children’s show. Related: Creators of ‘Bluey’ Announce a Drastic Change to Affect How Fans Watch the Show Chip Chilla was created as a ...

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‘Bluey’ Being Replaced by Conservatives’ ‘Chip Chilla’

'Bluey' Threatened To Be Replaced by Conservative's 'Chip Chilla'

If you’ve seen the new show Chip Chilla and thought, “Huh, that feels familiar,” you’re probably not far off. Many are accusing this new television series of ripping off Disney’s popular kids’ series, Bluey. Bluey has recently faced controversy over episodes accused of being “fat-phobic” or “racist,” and now it seems that the show may be considered too “woke” for conservatives. The ...

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