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Cast Members Describe Disney Workplace as a ”Police State”; Ex-Employee Exposes Owner’s Frivolous Spending

A large, colorful hot air balloona tethered at the waterfront of Disney Springs during sunset. The sky is pink and orange, and the calm waters reflect the buildings and the balloon. The shoreline features various buildings and palm trees in the background.

A major drama is ensuing at one popular Walt Disney World Resort establishment. Known for its delicious cookies and magical atmosphere, Gideon’s Bakehouse has typically maintained a positive image in the eyes of Disney guests. Now, thanks to a recent employee report, that image has been tainted. For many, working at Walt Disney World Resort seems like a dream come ...

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Mickey and Minnie Join the Picket Line: Disney’s Character Performers Ignite Fight for Union

Disneyland strike

Something serious is rumbling at Disneyland Resort. Disney character performers are a huge part of the reason why families love visiting Disney theme parks. However, it has previously been exposed that many of these worker’s paychecks are less than magical. After last year’s cast member strikes found a resolution, a new fight has begun for a specific group of character ...

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